Have you ever done this?

while true; do clear; xxx; sleep 10; done

scroller is like the previous command on steroids. It won't overwrite the output of the old run of the program until the new one is done, and it uses ncurses to redraw the screen. This works especially well with commands that take a long time to run, or give a lot of output.

scroller can also be used to watch changes in a file, merely by using cat as the 'xxx' above.

scroller is a simple enough program that I feel comfortable in releasing the first version as 1.0.

Anyway, you can download scroller from the distribution page. Thanks to for providing hosting.

Scroller is free software under the GNU GPL. The next revision of the software will include documentation to this effect.

Please feel free to send source, patches, bug reports or fixes, and cookies to vectro@pipeline.com.